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NOC Whampoa | by Arkaunis Design


Facing the waterfront of Victoria Harbour, NOC Whampoa is our first location in Kowloon. Nestled within Whampoa Garden and just minutes away from the Hung Hom Ferry Pier, our new space will be bringing a sophisticated yet minimal coffee experience to the neighborhood that was once one of the largest ship docks in Asia.

NOC is the high-quality Coffee shop provide a healthy eating and beautiful spaces.

NOC Whampoa is the biggest and first shop in Kowloon, brings a sophisticated yet minimal coffee experience to Client.

frontdoor Signage
Entrance Signage

In order to present excellent experience for consumer, we put “white” “gray concrete” and Wood in the space to express minimalism of NOC design philosophy.


Gray concrete

Gray is one of the NOC main color tone, gray is solid and stable with very little contrast or white space. Concrete which is the natural material match to NOC.

We focus on the difference of the concrete texture: Keeping the rough texture of original concrete column, making the contrast with the smooth concrete sitting.

There are different gray tone concrete tile as floor finish and are concrete brick as table support .


“Minimalism” on White table, white stand and white bar.



We use some plants and wood chair or arch on the space. It seen a concrete jungle near the Hung Hom Ferry Pier. All the material on the space are harmonious with energetic.

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